Sunday Services 10am

Please join us online using meeting software called ZOOM.
This is a free program that will download once to your system when you first join.



SEEING: Be aware that if your camera is “on” we can see your whole room! So if you are going about your business at home – we can see it unless you point the camera down or at a blank wall. Don’t think because you’re not sitting in front of the camera that its not still working!

SPEAKING: When we are not on “MUTE” whoever speaks will be brought into view. As this is “conference software” it presumes one person at a time will speak. Be aware that the system picks up noise in the background that everyone can hear when your microphone is on. If someone speaks over another person it will cut them off.

Please note our Privacy Policy
By continuing to remain a part of this meeting you give Port Macquarie Baptist Church permission to record and publish the contents of this meeting.
If you’re not happy with this, please turn off your camera
(which is the second icon from the left in the bottom left corner once you are on zoom).

Sermon recordings will also be available on the link below: